Our Story

Mary Varey, MSW, Founder
Brynn Varey-Schnarr, BComm., Managing Director
In 1997 Mary Varey, Founder and former President of Age-Wise Solutions Inc., pioneered social work in long-term care. After working as a social worker for 26 years in various healthcare settings she became increasingly aware of the challenges the elderly person faces when they can no longer live independently. Her passion and commitment to serving the vulnerable, paired with her entrepreneurial spirit, inspired her to introduce social work services to the long-term care sector. She spent many years coordinating the elderly persons placement to long-term care and witnessed first hand the absence of psychosocial support for the resident and their family. Mary felt that, at a time in their lives where most are least able to manage change, they are being asked to make one of the biggest changes in their lives; moving into a care setting with strangers all around them. She wanted to support them in their journey and let them know they matter and their transition will be made easier with her understanding and support. By making this difference in the elderly person’s transition, she was also there for the family and staff who were trying to make the resident’s admission as comfortable and stress-free as possible.

Mary continued to promote the social work discipline in long-term care and grew the company over the next 20 years. In 2015, Mary’s daughter Brynn took a keen interest in her mother’s business since having recently sold her sole proprietorship, the first business of its kind in Southwestern Ontario, relocating elderly from their home in the community to long-term care or retirement living. Brynn shares her mother’s commitment to the vulnerable elderly living in the long-term care and retirement sectors and continues to bring awareness to the importance of having a registered social worker in these residential care settings. Mary is retired and enjoys spending time with her family, grandchildren and friends. She continues to enjoy the occasional consulting opportunities with Age-Wise, after all, wisdom comes with age.

Our Vision

Promoting the value of vulnerable elderly.

Our Mission

To provide onsite professional social work services to long-term care and retirement homes.
To attract and retain clinical social work consultants who are committed to a quality of life for all elderly in long-term care and retirement homes.

Our Core Values

We advocate for the elderly and their families.
We celebrate a quality of life for the elderly.
We practice in an ethical and mindful way.
We adhere to a collaborative and inclusive work environment.
We work to achieve service excellence.
We commit to ongoing professional development.