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Welcome to Age-Wise

Age-Wise provides social work services to long-term care homes across Ontario. We offer you the opportunity to have highly skilled professionals focused on the psycho-social needs of your residents.

As the complexity and challenges increase in long-term care our clinical social workers are in greater demand. The social work professional is trained to work in systems. This systemic approach emphasizes work with your residents and all that impacts their wellbeing.


of an Age-Wise Social Worker
  • Trained professional with a BSW or MSW.
  • Registered with the Ontario College of Social Workers, ensuring that a code of ethics and standards of practice are followed.
  • Works with a clinical focus in complex areas such as, life transitions, grief and loss, mental health, conflict resolution and mediation.
  • Completes assessments specific to long-term care.
  • Committed to support and advocate for residents and their families.
  • Provides education to residents, family and staff.
  • Work collaboratively with your staff and community partners to deliver a higher quality of care.
helping people

helping people


of working with Age-Wise
  • Specialized support for residents and families
  • Assessment skills
  • Onsite advocacy
  • Let your nurses nurse
  • Resource management
  • Customizable program
  • Recruitment & selection
  • Affordable onsite professional
Our qualified team, proven processes and commitment to professional service ensure we find the right social work consultant to fit the needs of your home. Contact us today to learn more.

Our Vision

Promoting the value of vulnerable elderly.

Our Mission

To provide onsite professional social work services to long-term care homes.
To attract and retain clinical social work consultants who are committed to a quality of life for all elderly in long-term care.

Our Core Values

We advocate for the elderly and their families.
We celebrate a quality of life for the elderly.
We practice in an ethical and mindful way.
We adhere to a collaborative and inclusive work environment.
We work to achieve service excellence.
We commit to ongoing professional development.